About us

      Kapmar company was set up  in 1993. In 1998 the increased demand for interior cooling, economic development of Poland and the realization of multi – dimensioned commercial space sent the company’s activity on the current track. Since 1999 our company began to cooperate closely with LENNOX corporation.

    Following years and intensive development of the ventilation and air - conditioning  sector development in Poland let our company flourish. In 2004 the metal sheet press-shed was commissioned in Olsztyn. It deals with prefabrication  of ventilating ducts and fittings, both rectangular and round and ventilating fixture. Since 2004, I have been a Lennox corporation's representative in north-eastern Poland and in  the Republic of Belarus. The company that I am in charge of performed ventilating, air conditioning and heating systems in the following areas:

-    Food industry production, light metals and metallurgical industry;
-    Entertainment and conference halls, theaters, lecture halls of higher education institutions;
-    Sports facilities – gyms, swimming pools;
-    Shopping centres, grocery stores, restaurants and many others;

In refrigeration systems we present our customers with technical solutions with excellent technical parameters, and low cost of exploitation. As to fulfill our customers'  expectations, and solve their current problems, our company still develops. We also maintain and repair equipment from other manufactures.


Currently the company consists of the following departments:

-    Offers and investments preparing department;
-    Investment’s accomplishment department;
-    Service department;
-    Production department;

I highly recommend to get yourself acquainted with our trade offer, technical possibilities and regulations conducted by my company.

Yours  faithfully,
Eng. Marek Kapłon