Settlement department

Financial and accounting service:

- implementation of obligations and duties on the basis of accounting and financial documents

- constracts preparation

- innvoices

- issuing the correcting notes

- agreeing on compensation matters

- monitoring the correctness and timeliness of settlements with clients

Contact with our financial and accounting department
Jolanta Pulwert
Administrative director
Phone number. +48 895370420 ext.42
Mobile phone. +48 604 493 000


-    Receiving and recording of mail

-    Ensuring the proper communication of individual applicants with particular departments

-    Guests service – arranging appointments

-    Comprehensive service dealing with recruitment and employment issues

-    Collecting Personal data

-    Personnel and financial service


Contact with our reception desk
Magdalena Nałęcz
Phone number: +48  895370420  ext. 11
Mobile phone: +48 604 133 980